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To each 'filter' two AND clauses will be appended
that restricts the results to a one minute window.
To develop a query visit
And use the APIs explorer at the end of the page to build
the query. You will also need to reference the structure
of LogEntry, which is how the data is stored:
While you can use the Google Logging UI to explore logs
and build queries, realize that as of today the UI builds
V1 queries, which don't work with the V2 API.
metrics: [
// The total rate of requests hitting skfe-1 and skfe-2.
name: "qps",
filter: "\
AND (\n\
OR labels.\"\"=\"skia-skfe-2\"\n\
// The total rate of requests to fiddle that end up in a container
// violation.
name: "fiddle-sec-violations",
filter: "\
AND labels.\"\"=\"skia-fiddle\"\n\
AND textPayload:\"Attempted Security Container Violation\"\n\