SkiaPerf Server

Reads Skia performance data from databases and serves interactive dashboards for easy exploration and annotations.


The easiest way to develop should be to do:

go get -u

Which will fetch the repository into the right location and download dependencies.

Then to build everything:

cd $GOPATH/src/

Make sure the $GOPATH/bin is on your path so that you can easily run the executables after they are generated.

The tests require both the Datastore, BigTable, and CockroachDB emulators to be running. To run the tests:

make test

To run the application locally:

skiaperf --logtostderr --namespace=perf-localhost-jcgregorio --local \
--noemail --do_clustering=false --project_name=skia-public \
--big_table_config=nano  --prom_port=:10000 --git_repo_dir=/tmp/skia_perf