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package publicparams
import (
const (
test = types.PrimaryKeyField
corpus = types.CorpusField
model = "model"
sdk = "sdk"
alphaCorpus = "alpha"
betaCorpus = "beta"
modelOne = "model1"
modelTwo = "model2"
sdkOne = "sdk1"
sdkTwo = "sdk2"
sdkThree = "sdk3"
testOne = "test1"
testTwo = "test2"
var (
// These are effectively test cases, representing possible traces that could be compared against
// the various matchers. "known" means the value matches a constant, "ambivalent" means the value
// matches a constant (but shouldn't affect any Matcher), "unknown" means the value does not
// match a constant, "missing" means the key doesn't exist, and "empty" means the value is "".
// The final _True or _False indicates the expected value of Matches() given the rules in
// jsonConfig.
knownCorpus_True = paramtools.Params{corpus: alphaCorpus, test: testOne}
knownCorpusModelSDK_True = paramtools.Params{corpus: betaCorpus, model: modelOne, sdk: sdkOne, test: testOne}
knownCorpusModelSDK2_True = paramtools.Params{corpus: betaCorpus, model: modelTwo, sdk: sdkTwo, test: testTwo}
knownCorpus_AmbivalentSDK_True = paramtools.Params{corpus: alphaCorpus, sdk: sdkThree, test: testOne}
knownCorpusModel_UnknownSDK_False = paramtools.Params{corpus: betaCorpus, model: modelOne, sdk: "unknown", test: testOne}
knownCorpusSDK_UnknownModel_False = paramtools.Params{corpus: betaCorpus, model: "unknown", sdk: sdkThree, test: testTwo}
knownCorpus_UnknownModelSDK_False = paramtools.Params{corpus: betaCorpus, model: "unknown", sdk: "unknown", test: testTwo}
knownModelSDK_UnknownCorpus_False = paramtools.Params{corpus: "unknown", model: modelOne, sdk: sdkTwo, test: testOne}
knownCorpusModel_MissingSDK_False = paramtools.Params{corpus: betaCorpus, model: modelOne, test: testOne}
knownCorpus_MissingModelSDK_False = paramtools.Params{corpus: betaCorpus, test: testOne}
knownModelSDK_MissingCorpus_False = paramtools.Params{model: modelTwo, sdk: sdkTwo, test: testTwo}
knownCorpusModel_EmptySDK_False = paramtools.Params{corpus: betaCorpus, model: modelOne, sdk: "", test: testOne}
knownModelSDK_EmptyCorpus_False = paramtools.Params{corpus: "", model: modelOne, sdk: sdkTwo, test: testOne}
func TestMatcherFromRules_ValidConfig_RulesAreFollowed(t *testing.T) {
m, err := MatcherFromRules(MatchingRules{
"alpha": {},
"beta": {
"model": {"model1", "model2"},
"sdk": {"sdk1", "sdk2", "sdk3"},
require.NoError(t, err)
assert.True(t, m.Matches(knownCorpus_True))
assert.True(t, m.Matches(knownCorpusModelSDK_True))
assert.True(t, m.Matches(knownCorpusModelSDK2_True))
assert.True(t, m.Matches(knownCorpus_AmbivalentSDK_True))
assert.False(t, m.Matches(knownCorpusModel_UnknownSDK_False))
assert.False(t, m.Matches(knownCorpusSDK_UnknownModel_False))
assert.False(t, m.Matches(knownCorpus_UnknownModelSDK_False))
assert.False(t, m.Matches(knownModelSDK_UnknownCorpus_False))
assert.False(t, m.Matches(knownCorpusModel_MissingSDK_False))
assert.False(t, m.Matches(knownCorpus_MissingModelSDK_False))
assert.False(t, m.Matches(knownModelSDK_MissingCorpus_False))
assert.False(t, m.Matches(knownCorpusModel_EmptySDK_False))
assert.False(t, m.Matches(knownModelSDK_EmptyCorpus_False))
assert.False(t, m.Matches(nil))
func TestMatcherFromRules_EmptyConfig_ReturnsError(t *testing.T) {
_, err := MatcherFromRules(MatchingRules{})
require.Error(t, err)
assert.Contains(t, err.Error(), "No rules detected")
func TestMatcherFromRules_EmptyCorpus_ReturnsError(t *testing.T) {
_, err := MatcherFromRules(MatchingRules{
"": {},
require.Error(t, err)
assert.Contains(t, err.Error(), "empty")