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package ingestion
import (
var (
// ErrRetryable can be returned to indicate the input file was valid, but couldn't be
// processed due to temporary issues, like a bad HTTP connection.
ErrRetryable = errors.New("error may be resolved with retry")
// Processor is the core of an Ingester. It reads in the files that are given to it and stores
// the relevant data.
type Processor interface {
// HandlesFile returns true if this processor is configured to handle this file.
HandlesFile(name string) bool
// Process ingests a single result file.
Process(ctx context.Context, filename string) error
// Store keeps track of files being ingested based on their MD5 hashes.
type Store interface {
// SetIngested indicates that we have ingested the given filename. Implementations may make
// use of the ingested timestamp.
SetIngested(ctx context.Context, fileName string, ts time.Time) error
// WasIngested returns true if the provided file has been ingested previously.
WasIngested(ctx context.Context, fileName string) (bool, error)