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Bazel toolchain configuration for RBE


All files in this directory (excluding this file) are generated with the rbe_configs_gen CLI tool. Keep reading for details.

This directory contains a Bazel toolchain configuration for RBE. It is generated with the rbe_configs_gen CLI tool from the bazel-toolchains repository.

This directory is referenced from //.bazelrc.

Upgrading to a new Bazel version or rebuilding the toolchain container

Take the following steps to upgrade to a new Bazel version or if rolling out a new version of the toolchain, e.g. rebuilding to include updated tools.

Step 1 - Making changes

Updating Bazel Version

If necessary, update the //.bazelversion file with the new Bazel version. This file is read by Bazelisk (for those engineers who use bazelisk as a replacement for bazel).

If not updating Bazel, merely note what version is there.

Rebuild Toolchain Container

If necessary, make changes to //bazel/rbe/gce_linux_container/Dockerfile and run make -C bazel/rbe/gce_linux_container push from the root directory, e.g.:

$ make -C bazel/rbe/gce_linux_container push
Successfully tagged
docker push
The push refers to repository []
2022-06-17T17_13_12Z-somegoogler-16372d5-dirty: digest: sha256:0b12571d1befe54e9300711c8519535d635b867c317b2098915c7733fd65b833 size: 2007
make: Leaving directory '/usr/local/google/home/somegoogler/buildbot/bazel/rbe/gce_linux_container'

Make note of the image SHA256 hash printed out by the above command.

If not rebuilding the container, merely note what SHA256 hash is specified in the container-image exec_property of the platform defined in //bazel/rbe/generated/config/BUILD (example).

Step 2 - Generate Bazel Files

Note: We frequently skip this step when making changes to the RBE toolchain container or when upgrading to a new Bazel version, and things usually continue to work. If you wish to skip regenerating these files, just update the container-image exec_property of the platform defined in //bazel/rbe/generated/config/BUILD (example).

Regenerate the //bazel/rbe/generated directory with the rbe_configs_gen CLI tool (installation instructions below):

# Replace the <PLACEHOLDERS> as needed.
$ rbe_configs_gen \
      --bazel_version=<BAZEL VERSION> \<HASH OF MOST RECENT IMAGE> \
      --output_src_root=<PATH TO REPOSITORY CHECKOUT> \
      --output_config_path=bazel/rbe/generated \
      --exec_os=linux \


$ rbe_configs_gen \
      --bazel_version=4.1.0 \ \
      --output_src_root=$HOME/buildbot \
      --output_config_path=bazel/rbe/generated \
      --exec_os=linux \

If rbe_configs_gen fails, try deleting all files under //bazel/rbe/generated (except for this file) and re-run rbe_configs_gen.

Step 3 - Cleanup

Run bazel run //:buildifier and fix any linting errors on the generated files (e.g. move load statements at the top of the file, etc.)

Step 4 - Manual Updates

If updating the Bazel version, update the bazel-toolchains repository version imported from //WORKSPACE to match the new Bazel version.

If updating the image version, the generated changes should have properly updated //bazel/rbe/generated/config/BUILD to refer to the new image, so there is nothing else to do.

Step 5 - Test out the changes

Try running various bazel commands with --config remote to make use of the new image.

When uploading the change as a CL, any tasks with the -RBE suffix will automatically use the image specified in //bazel/rbe/generated/config/BUILD.

How to install the rbe_configs_gen CLI tool

Clone the bazel-toolchains repository outside of the Buildbot repository checkout, build the rbe_configs_gen binary, and place it on your $PATH:

$ git clone

$ cd bazel-toolchains

# This assumes that $HOME/bin is in your $PATH.
$ go build -o $HOME/bin/rbe_configs_gen ./cmd/rbe_configs_gen/rbe_configs_gen.go