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  1. 3dmodels/
  2. arduino/
  3. bash/
  4. cgo/
  5. common/
  6. docker/
  7. dockerfiles/
  8. go/
  9. img/
  10. ios/
  11. laser_cutter_models/
  12. linux/
  13. mac/
  14. raspberry-pi/
  15. sys/
  16. win/
  17. .gitignore
  18. build_release_get_oauth2_token
  19. build_release_hotspare
  20. build_release_metadata_server
  21. build_release_router_backup
  22. build_release_rpi_backup
  23. build_release_trooper_tools
  25. ip_map.json
  26. k8s_release_metadata_server
  27. k8s_release_router_backup
  28. Makefile
  31. skiapush.json5

This folder contains code and other resources that help make the Skolo run smoothly.

The raspberry-pi folder contains Ansible playbooks that can be used to manage the raspberry pis and the rpi-master.

The linux folder contains Ansible playbooks that can be used to manage the Linux bots in the Skolo.

The go folder contains the source code for small utility code that runs either on the rpi-master or the raspberry pis themselves. This code is deployed, like all other infra code, using push/pull, via the master.

The list of utilities are:

  • hotspare: the utility that allows for a hot spare of the master to become live when the master fails. Build with make hotspare

The /bash/ file is a set of shortcuts for interacting with the skolo. It can be ‘source’d from your .bashrc.

source $GOPATH/src/