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// repo-sync syncs git repos, with the presumption that the destination repo is
// a Google Cloud source repository.
package main
import (
// flags
var (
period = flag.Duration("period", 15*time.Minute, "How frequently to sync the repos.")
source = flag.String("source", common.REPO_SKIA, "URL of the source repo.")
destination = flag.String("destination", "skia", "Name of the GCP source repo to sync to.")
project = flag.String("project", "skia-public", "The GCE project name of the destination repo.")
workDir = flag.String("work_dir", "/tmp", "Directory to place the checkout.")
promPort = flag.String("prom_port", ":20000", "Metrics service address (e.g., ':10110')")
// sync does the pull from the source repo and then pushes to the destination repo.
func sync(ctx context.Context) error {
// git pull "some external repo"
cmd := fmt.Sprintf("git pull %s master", *source)
sklog.Infof("%q", cmd)
out, err := exec.RunSimple(ctx, cmd)
if err != nil {
sklog.Errorf("git output: %q", out)
return fmt.Errorf("Failed to pull: %s", err)
sklog.Infof("pulled: %q", out)
// git push
out, err = exec.RunSimple(ctx, "git push")
if err != nil {
sklog.Errorf("git output: %q", out)
return fmt.Errorf("Failed to push: %s", err)
sklog.Infof("pushed: %q", out)
return nil
func main() {
ctx := context.Background()
repoDir := filepath.Join(*workDir, *destination)
if _, err := os.Stat(repoDir); os.IsNotExist(err) {
sklog.Info("Cloning repo.")
// gcloud source repos clone skia
output := bytes.Buffer{}
err := exec.Run(ctx, &exec.Command{
Name: "gcloud",
Args: []string{"source", "repos", "clone", *destination, "--project", *project},
Dir: *workDir,
CombinedOutput: &output,
Timeout: 10 * time.Minute,
if err != nil {
sklog.Errorf("gcloud output: %q", output.String())
sklog.Fatalf("Failed to initially clone the target repo %q: %s", *destination, err)
} else {
sklog.Info("Skipping clone, repo directory already exists.")
if err := os.Chdir(repoDir); err != nil {
sklog.Fatalf("Failed to change cwd to the repo location: %s", err)
if err := sync(ctx); err != nil {
sklog.Fatalf("Failed to sync: %s", err)
for range time.Tick(*period) {
if err := sync(ctx); err != nil {
sklog.Errorf("Failed to sync: %s", err)