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A webpack plugin for (simply) minifiying HTML templates in JS files, especially HTML templates that might use lit-html or other similar templating libraries.

Why not use something like html-minifier? Unfortunately, those html-minifiers tend to require the HTML to be well formed and having {{ }} in <tag>s tend to make them not work.

The minifier currently applies a few simple rules, like removing comments and replacing many spaces with a single space. It ignores anything that would be in ${}, as that is JS that is getting executed.

It is not robust against antagonistic input, but if your templates are confusing enough to throw it off, they likely could be refactored to be cleaner (or there is a minification bug).


Run npm install html-template-minifier-webpack --save-dev then, add a js-based rule to your webpack config's rules, for example:

    test: /.js$/,
    use: 'html-template-minifier-webpack',

Known pitfalls

Nested <pre> or ${} blocks can confuse the simplistic pattern matching that is currently used. For example, avoid the following in your templates:

    Nested <pre> <!-- Won't work--></pre>

<div input=${console.log(`${'too complicated'}`)}>