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Skia Debugger Asset Server

See /infra/debugger/ for a description of this app.


The debugger-assets application serves up the HTML/CSS/JS that makes up the debugger web UI. This is the place to make changes in the front-end functionality of the debugger.

To run the server locally make sure you have Go installed and then run:

    make run_server_local

Make sure you have $GOPATH/bin added to your PATH.

This will spin up a local asset server on port 9000.

At the same time you need a copy of skiaserver running that does the actual debugging work. You can build this as part of building the Skia library. Make sure when you run the command-line debugger that it runs looking for http://localhost:9000 and not I.e:

bin/gn gen out/Debug
ninja -C out/Debug skiaserve
./out/Debug/skiaserve --source http://localhost:9000

WASM Debugger

There is also a version of the debugger that uses a wasm module instead of the skiaserve backend. It is always served at When debugger-assets is run with --v2_at_root it is also served at /. A version of debugger-assets running this flag is served at, as this version of the debugger has become the primary one as of June 2019.

This application is in res/imp/wasm-app.html and its wasm code is in experimental/wasm-skp-debugger in the skia repo.

Running WASM debugger locally

First build the wasm module and its associated Javascript in the Skia repository.

cd {skia}/experimental/wasm-skp-debugger
make debug
make move-assets

This will copy the two outputs from out/debugger_wasm to ~/go/src/

You could also make release instead to test the closure compilation and externs.

Since this version requires no backend, the custom app element is simply instantiated in res/imp/wasm-app-demo.html which can be loaded in the browser. It will load debugger.wasm and debugger.js which were built in the previous step. It is necessary to serve debugger.wasm from an http server rather than opening the file directly because wasm-loading code requires the mime type to be correct. To start this server:

cd ~/go/src/
make run_server_local_wasm

then visit http://localhost:9000/res/imp/wasm-app-demo.html

Running WASM debugger within docker

The wasm debugger can also be tested while debugger-assets runs within Docker. In this configuration it will vulcanize and minify the elements and javascript, and pull debugger.wasm and debugger.js from instead of your local filesystem.

SKIP_UPLOAD=1 make release
docker run --expose=8000 -p 8000:8000 debugger-assets:latest --v2_at_root

then visit http://localhost:8000/