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  1. bootstrap-swarming.yml
  2. default-profile-auto-reboot.bat
  3. disk-cleanup.yml
  4. egpu-lenovo-drivers.yml
  5. intel-graphics-driver-broadwell.yml
  6. intel-graphics-driver-skylake.yml
  7. nvidia-graphics-driver.yml
  8. prep-for-capture.yml
  9. python.yml
  10. radeon-graphics-driver.yml
  12. setup-skolo-bot.yml
  13. skolo-credentials.yml
  14. skolo-settings.yml
  15. ssh.yml
  16. swarming-bot-settings.yml
  17. vnc-server.yml
  18. win-02-hosts
  19. win-03-hosts
  20. windows-update.yml

Windows Skolo Ansible Scripts

See “Windows new bot setup” doc for context.

If Ansible is not installed, run sudo pip install ansible. Playbooks that require a minimum version should include a comment indicating so. To upgrade, run sudo pip install ansible --upgrade.

There are two Ansible inventory files in this dir, win-02-hosts and win-03-hosts. There is also a group_vars dir and a win_package_src dir that I can't check in. The group_vars include these variable settings:

ansible_user: chrome-bot
ansible_password: <redacted>
ansible_port: 5986
ansible_connection: winrm
ansible_winrm_transport: credssp
ansible_winrm_server_cert_validation: ignore
win_package_src: /home/chrome-bot/ansible/win_package_src/

Contents of win_package_src are on GCS at gs://skia-buildbots/skolo/win/win_package_src

Example command: ansible-playbook -i win-02-hosts setup-skolo-bot.yml