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Switchboard RPi Setup

This directory contains the scripts for configuring RPi SD cards for RPis running as test machines under Switchboard. See the Design Doc.

Debian supports RPi now: Visit for images.

The image currently used is:

This image is backed up at:


Download that and burn it to an SD card.

Balena Etcher is a nice GUI application that runs on all platforms that allows you to burn multiple SD cards at the same time.

After it has been burned, reload the SD card and run:

./ <machine-name>

Once the SD card has been placed in an RPi and is running in the lab:

  1. Add the hostname to //skolo/ansible/hosts.yml, making sure it ends up as part of switchboard_rpis.
  2. Then run the ansible scripts to configure the running RPi:
     $ cd //skolo/ansible/
     $ ansible-playbook ./switchboard/prepare-rpi-for-ansible.yml \
         --limit <machine-name>
     $ ansible-playbook ./switchboard/rpi.yml \
         --limit <machine-name>

Now the RPi should be fully setup with adb, idevice-*, a recent copy of authorized_keys, and running test_machine_monitor.