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Skolo Ansible Access

These Ansible scripts can be run from a desktop machine and not from a lab computer.

Visit http://go/skolo-maintenance#heading=h.or4jzu6r2mzn for instructions on how to set up to run these commands.


Runs might fail for a small number of hosts, you can re-run a script for a specific host by passing --limit (hostname) to the ansible-playbook command.


See hosts.yml for all the hosts and groups of hosts you can target when running an Ansible script, as well as for the definitions of broadly scoped variables.

See ssh.cfg for the SSH configuration that Ansible uses when running.

Adding new machines

  1. Add entries to ./hosts.yml.
    1. If you are adding to an existing group of machines (e.g. adding an extra mac to rack 1), then you just need to had the host name with the others.
    2. If you are creating a new group of machines (e.g. a new OS or purpose), then you will to set some variables for those new machines (e.g. eskia_test_machines) in addition to specifying the hostnames of the machines in that group (e.g. rack5_linux_eskia).
  2. Add new entries to ./ssh.cfg if necessary (e.g. new rack or naming convention)
  3. Check that you can ssh into those machines, e.g. ssh skia-i-eskia01.
  4. To save typing passwords on future steps, copy the authorized SSH keys to the new machines.
    1. Update the hosts section of ./switchboard/update-authorized-keys.yml to contain the new group of machines, if necessary.
    2. Run that playbook targeting your machines or group, e.g. ansible-playbook ./switchboard/update-authorized-keys.yml --limit rack5_linux_eskia or ansible-playbook ./switchboard/update-authorized-keys.yml --limit skia-e-win-355
  5. If you are adding a new group of machines, create a ./switchboard/foo.yml to describe the roles, (similar to functions) that you want to run for your machines.
  6. Run the appropriate setup script for your new machines. Some roles require sudo access, so be sure to include the --ask-become-pass argument. e.g. ansible-playbook ./switchboard/eskia.yml --limit skia-i-eskia01 --ask-become-pass
  7. SSH into your machines to verify things are set up correctly (e.g. swarming is running).