The URL structure of fiddle is:

/pathkit/<fiddlehash> - Direct link to a fiddle. (type PathKit)
/canvaskit/<fiddlehash> - Direct link to a fiddle. (type CanvasKit)

The API to get just the code is:


which returns a response in the form:

  "code": "let firstPath = PathKit....",

To create a new fiddle, POST JSON to /_/save of the form:

  "code":"let firstPath = PathKit....",
  "type": "pathkit",

This returns JSON of the form:

  "new_url": "/pathkit/<fiddlehash>",


Fiddles are stored in Google Storage under gs://skia-jsfiddle/ For each fiddle we store the user's code at:


The value “type” is “pathkit”, “canvaskit”, etc. The value “fiddlehash” is the sha256 of the contents of draw.js (which does not have line numbers in it).