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AutoRoll is a program which creates and manages DEPS rolls of a child projects, eg. Skia, into a parent project, eg. Chrome.

AutoRoll Modes

There are three modes in which the roller may run:


This is the “normal” state. The roller will upload DEPS roll CLs, close those which fail, and upload new CLs until the child repo is up-to-date in the parent repo's DEPS.


The roller will not upload any CLs. Any in-progress roll CL when the roller is stopped will be closed. Generally, you don't need to stop the roller when rolls are failing due to a broken code change in the child repo, as long as a fix or revert is coming soon.

Dry Run

The roller will upload CLs and run the commit queue dry run. If the dry run succeeds, the CL is left open until either the roller is set back to “running” mode, in which case the CL re-enters the commit queue, or until one or more commits lands in the child repo, in which case the roller closed the CL and uploads a new one.


The autoroll page displays “Status: error” and doesn't upload CLs

Some issue is preventing the roller from running normally. You'll need to look through the logs for more information. Visit Skia Push, find the appropriate GCE instance and follow the log links to find more information.

Something is wrong, and I need to shut down the roller ASAP!

Setting the roller mode to “Stopped” should be enough in most cases. If not, visit Skia Push, find the appropriate GCE instance and use the button to stop the autorolld process.